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Europe tradition with a touch of innovation!

Our products are produced according to europe traditional recipes, combining artisanal techniques with selected ingredients.

Solid and reliable partnership for your business!

Build a lasting partnership with us. We are known for reliability, consistent quality and commitment to meeting our customers' needs by offering support and solutions.

Experience and expertise in food and beverage distribution!

Distributing the best products in the United States and Latin America.
aligned to your needs

Tradition and Quality

Authentic flavors of Italy for your table.

We offer a wide range of pasta with different formats, textures and flavors. Hazelnut creams to sweeten any palate. Explore the diversity of options available and find the perfect products to satisfy your demanding customers.

01 Truck Freight

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02 Ship Freight

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03 Delivery Freight

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04 Train Freight

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Know our products

Why Sun Valley is the
Sun Valley

Right Choice for You!

Premium Quality

Products recognized for their premium quality, made with selected ingredients and careful production processes.

Authentic Flavors

Authentic flavors that refer to homemade and traditional cuisine, providing a unique gastronomic experience


Products are produced in accordance with strict quality and food safety standards, being certified by renowned institutions.

Customer support

We provide dedicated customer support, answering questions, providing recipe suggestions, and assisting with using the products.

About transx

TransX is the biggest transportation company

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Powerful Features
of TransX Warehouse


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Support 24/7

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Online Tracking

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Cargo Insurance

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